Weight Watchers & Shakeology

Until recently I was combining Weight Watchers diet plan with Beachbody workouts.  So since I know a lot of Weight Watchers, I am always asked how many WW points is Shakeology? Under the new Points Plus plan – Shakeology is 3 points plus of course whatever you add to it. Since fruits and veggies are free on this new plan, that allows for some great combinations to keep it at 3 points. Some other options to consider:

  • Unsweetened Almond milk – 1 pts per 4 oz (I add 4-6 additional oz of water)
  • PB2 – 1 pts for up to 1 tablespoon – but it’s pretty rich so I recommend just half that or less
  • Use Crystal Light Orange instead of OJ for zero points – added to Greenberry!
  • FREE add-ons: banana, strawberries,blueberries, oranges BLENDED (remember juice has a points value but if you blend the whole fruit it’s zero)

I would recommend that you don’t get too crazy with the free foods though, because I know so many who have hit a plateau and realized they were eating several hundred calories worth of “free” food per day. So just be mindful of it.


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